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With the challenging Australian weather conditions you should always ensure the air conditioning system in your car is functioning at its top level.

Your cars air conditioner is a multi-component piece of machinery that is most like a refrigerator - meant to move the warm air from the inside of the car outside and replace it with cooled 'conditioned' air. Northern Car Care is an expert air conditioning mechanic in Thomastown, Vic. Call us now or make a car service apointment online!

Does my car air conditioner need service?

As any mechanical equipment in your car, also your air conditioner needs regular service. It is not pleasant when the cooling system fails you when you need it most during the hot summer weather, so the air con system should be inspected at certain intervals.

Rubber seals can develop leaks, refrigerant gas needs to be topped up, oil can dry up causing the compressor to seize, air filters get clogged with dirt, bacteria and moisture... even under normal everyday operation the air con system is slowly, but constantly reducing the quality of air output, so it is best to have the air con inspected by a qualified mechanic.

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Why the air con needs a re-gas?

Most air conditioner units typically lose a bit of refrigerant gas over time, especially if any seals are loose, worn or leaking. Less refrigerant means the conditioned air won't be as cold as it should be, and the air con unit may stop functioning eventually.

Just to keep your system in peak condition, even without leaks the gas in your car air conditioning system should be recharged completely within four years from the date of manufacture - and every two to three years after that.

How often should the cooling system be serviced?

Getting an annual air-con service is the best and simplest way to prevent costly breakdowns in the future. You also get the peace of mind that your car is in excellent driving condition, plus a regularly serviced car actually saves you money by using less petrol. If  the compressor has to work harder due to the system working inefficiently, this actually puts a bigger load on the engine using more fuel.

Northern Car Care mechanics in Thomastown, Vic 3074 are qualified refrigerant handlers and can perform car air conditioning repairs, services and re-gas on most makes and models. Call us now or make an appointment online!

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